It’s so near yet so far!

It’s so near yet so far!

June 16, 2012 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Thought it was time for another blog.. so here, have one 🙂

Honestly lately I have hardly thought about going to India with such things as exam in the way. But now they’re over (WOOP!), it’s time to start thinking seriously. I’m still worried about money, as it’s not all there, but i’m still thinking of how to get some. 😛 Earlier this month Mary, Emma and I raised plenty just by selling jacket potatoes, it was a great day 🙂 

Me and Suzanne have been doing cake sales at church which is helping steadily raise money, while spending my Saturdays making yummy treats!  Also, a couple of months ago I held a concert at school, many bands played for us and overall was a great evening!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed me informing you on what I’ve been doing recently to try and raise money! 😀

Thank you. (2nd blog was a success me thinks) 🙂

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