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well hey everyone! we’ve had a good day! however this morning in true Indian fashion we ordered vehicles to go to fort school (a ymca school) but we waited for an hour and then got a phone call asking if we would like a car for 3.. a little bit late for our schedule! so we sorted out some project things for this afternoons english lessons at BV colony (an oasis school) and blue edge (a higher education english class) which was very useful in the end so it was not a complete waste of time! In the afternoon we split of into groups. Some stayed at the YMCA to shop for project things and make a massive twister mat for the boys town on thursday. Others went to blue edge to teach an english lesson which I’ve heard went very well, they were teaching the students about directions, for example the office is next to the toilets. The students seem to enjoy the lesons as they are slightly different from the usual lesson they would get. And the last group went to the BV colony, we taught a smaller age group of about 12, 13, 14 year olds. We did plurals which I think was quite challenging for them but it was good fun, even when the boys were slightly roudy. In the evening it started to rain.. a lot! we walked to dinner with water past our ankles! however fun this was for us it is not so good for the boys at the boys town as thier cottages start to flood and some boys may have to be sent away to stay with any family or friends they have. If you would like to pray for us please pray that all the boys stay so they can enjoy the programe we have planned and to avoid disruptions with school etc.
thank you all for you love and support!
with love from india! Suzie and the rest of the team 🙂

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  1. Lydia Kellett says:

    yeah its sooo scary and monnsoony! To fill in , blue edge was amazing, though the last half hour turned into a massive bollywood dancing session! where all of us actually danced!!! (the four of us that went, James, me (lydia), Rob (welll I think we can class the wierd jerking he was doing as dancing) and Imogen.

  2. yemmakelly says:

    Great Blog Suzie – Nice and informative! Praying the rain dies down so you can get the important work done!

  3. Lynn Godden says:

    Thanks Suzanne….’tis good to have update. Hope that rain does not spoil the boys’ funtimes with you all as a team. On the prayer case!!! L x

  4. Pilla says:

    We have been praying for you all regularly. It’s good to see answers to prayers. Thanks for the updates. By the way, Isaac’s been very quiet. Is he still alive? I do hope so, cos I’m his mum! Love to you all. x

  5. Suzie, i’ll be praying for you and the rest of the team. Glad to hear from you and what you’ve been up to. I’ll also be praying for the boys! I hope the rain dies down to, I thought Nottingham was bad on friday but reading what you’ve just put, it was minor compared to the rain over in India. God bless and I will be praying, thinking of you, the rest of the team and and the boys! Lots of love xxxx

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