India life and Banana noodles

India life and Banana noodles

August 22, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

So… i thought i would blog today, it’s Steve again by the way and you’ve got to understand there are a couple of hurdles to jump over when writing a blog, firstly, what to put as the title, this for me and i think any other Chennai challenge team member a long feat if nothing especially good/interesting has happened in the last few days, so let me let you into the life of being here in India.

The first thing i have to say is that the food is incredible. Like EPIC, as I’ve already said, however in the last couple of days/week this has meant a couple of bad circumstances for me at-least, who knows about any of the other team. Firstly it has meant our passages, our pons, our toilet moments have become a lot looser as they perhaps would be say in england, and when i say looser, imagine your passage is a tap and its just a steady stream for a couple of minutes however Isaac joyfully shared in our team meeting this morning “I broke my record, i broke a steady 5 minute stream” or something like that. Another consequence of the food out here is it is not an easy feat when you go from eating very eastly food to westernly, i had and yes perhaps it was quite a lot of food, a foot long subway two days ago for lunch, and a few various other western food substances, this meant me puking twice at early hours of the morning and the passage not being great, so that’s been my India life for the last couple of days, if your wondering i have recovered from my ill time and to celebrate this (and also to get dinner) we went out to a place called raaj bahvarn or something like that and i had banana noodles yes banana noodles, i have to put emphasis this was a challenge set by Isaac and Rob, they’ve happily challenged me that they give me a food substance off a certain menu they would like to see me eat and if i do eat all of it then they pay, if not i pay, so me being me accepted and ate it, om nom nom
Bye for now from the Chennai Challenge team


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