Independence Eve

Independence Eve

August 14, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 2

Now usually on this day we are enjoying the hospitality of various YMCA hostels in this fair city. This Year however, they are focusing on giving breakfast & raising the flag. This means an early start for both teams in the morning, especially for those of us attempting a sari at 6.30!

Independence day celebrations are really amazing things to take part in, in the past 3 years i have been honoured to be a guest at this important day. I have had my photo taken with a bemused small child, raised the flag, served breakfast &  watched some amazing dancing displays. I am really excited by what tomorrow has in store.

After that we head to the cool hills of Yelligiri and the highlight of the trip. There won’t be enough time to blog about it when we get back down here so i will do it from home.

It saddens me to think that my time here is so very short, and the prospect of not coming back even more so. However new adventures await!

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  1. Isaac Jones says:

    I don’t even know who wrote this blog! Thanks though mate (whoever you are!). My favourite thing about Independence day this year is that some of the team were on ACTUAL INDIAN TELEVISION. The Independence Day breakfast at Royapettah YMCA (where Prince is Secretary!) was filmed and shown on Raj Musix channel – which included Barney mispronouncing the names of every speaker, Lydia giving gifts and Yemma with a microphone in front of her (she’s quite small you know). ACTUAL INDIAN TELEVISION!

  2. barneyblake says:

    Actual Indian Television!!!!!

    Barney Blake: As Seen On TV…

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