Independence Day!!!

Independence Day!!!

August 15, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

It’s Independence Day!!!! Not the best day to be British you would think…

however we have been the honoured guests at various celebrations around Chennai.

Firstly let us just say team B have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a bit of security problems in Chennai airport they eventually arrived safely at the YMCA at 06:30am for some much needed sleep before their first full day in India.

While they were getting orientated with India team A were left with the task of leading a session at the boys town without Rob. Cathy or Isaac! All went well, Fraser led a very good session we all worked well and the boys even unexpectedly sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Shauni!

Then for Independence eve celebrations we separated off and half of us went to Roypatta YMCA while the other half went to Esplanade YMCA.

Those that went to Roypatta were treated to an evening of entertainment including speeches, a magician, music and Indian dancing before having a traditional Indian meal.
The second group at Esplanade had speeches and were presented with gifts before a raffle in which Shauni ‘the birthday girl’ won 3rd prize!!!!! Sadly none of us won 1st prize a small suitcase which would have been useful to bring home slowly expanding shopping! Then we were treated to a traditional Indian meals served on a banana leaf (much to the annoyance of Alex who has been looking forward to that experience!).

Rob, Emma, Rachel, Jackie, Sarah, Flo and Suzanne had the best ride home in none other than a pimped out auto-rickshaw which included lights and a sound system! Nice!

We then all joined together late evening to present Shauni with a Birthday cake and cards from home which brought on quite a few tears!

So today was an early start especially for Shauni, Flo and Rob who left at 06:45 to got to Kottivakham boys town and womens hostel. The traveled in Prince’s car with tv’s included! Very exciting. Lots going on but as a taster they enjoyed speeches, dancing, singing and a short play and were even asked to hand out prizes!

The rest of us were up and ready for 7am for the flag hoisting at the YMCA Vepery before the rest of team A distributed throughout Chennai giving team B extra opportunity to sleep off the jetlag!

All of team A were treated as special guests of honour at all events, which is slightly strange considering there celebrating freedom from us! However all were treated to an amazing morning of speeches, dancing, singing and some even had food!

Team B this afternoon have made there first visit to see the Kottivakham boys town site and have that very exciting introduction to the boys!
Team A were left to there own devices (which we are getting used to now!) and have sorted things for Yellagiri, last minute shopping and internet/phone call trips!

All looking forward to the next 4 days in the hills. You will need the 4 day break as the next blog will be massive!

A Flo, Suzanne, Shauni and Auntie Jackie production!

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