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Every year it gets to this point and I don’t feel like it is real.  It gets to this point and India seems so far removed from my every day life that I cannot imagine that I will possibly be there in less than a week! It gets to this point and I still don’t believe that I will soon be in 30-40 degree heat, eating authentic curry and seeing the boys.  But of course all of these things will happen.  I tend to find that it is not until I am at the airport enjoying a final English meal that it hits me.  That is when the excitement hits.

At the moment I am so stressed about everything that it is hard to be excited.  In fact at the moment I am so busy with moving flat and job interviews and all things stressful that I can barely bring myself to pack!  Of course I have to be on that plane on Wednesday and I have to have my bag packed.  So obviously – I will.

Such a long way away and so very close.  There will be challenges this year that the team have never faced before.  There will be challenges that the leaders will never have faced before.   Some of these challenges we are already expecting (for some it’s the heat, for some it’s flying, for some it’s curry) and then there are the other challenges, the ones that we aren’t prepared for.  The ones we’ll have to deal with in the moment.  Seeing people face challenges and overcome them is really exciting, and it is one of the greatet honours of working for Chennai Challenge. 

So…India in 6 days.  6 days. 6 days. Can’t wait! Bring on the challenges of 2011!


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