In a Minute!!!!!!!!!

In a Minute!!!!!!!!!

August 10, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 4

Friday is drawing ever nearer and I’m becoming more anxious about the thought of being responsible for team B getting to Chennai!

When Chennai Challenge say they want to challenge you to live outside your comfort zone they really mean it! I’m usually a person who likes to take the back seat and allow everyone else to take the lead. However on Friday it is all down to me.

It’s been quite strange this year hearing the activities and events of team A in India, yet exciting to know that we will be joining them soon! Just got to get through a last day at work tomorrow then that’s it.

I am excited to lead the team and see 9 faces as they arrive in India for the first time. Knowing how I felt to take that first drive through the city to Vepery (home)! I am looking forward to the drive myself and seeing the changes in the past year. To hear the buzz and energy as we drive through the busy streets.

The BIGGEST part I’m looking forward to though will be to hopefully see Rob, Cathy and Isaac at the airport and breath a big sigh of relief that we are finally there!!

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  1. Isaac Jones says:

    We can’t wait to see you Suzanne Kelly! We’ll be at the airport and are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

  2. Joel Stone says:

    We are gonna get to the airport and run in different directions 😀

  3. Lynn Godden says:

    Suzanne…you will be just fine! Its the others you need to worry about, like Joel running in the opposite direction….nah! only kidding, you’ll all be fine. I am here to serve team in prayer capacity…your team prayer warrior (one of many!!!) So keep the blogs coming!) Love to everyone. x

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