52 days till we fly to Chennai…

52 days till we fly to Chennai…

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I’m sat in my Chennai Challenge polo shirt after an Indian lunch – it was mainly microwave meals but it is situation I can’t wait to repeat in actual India with actual Indian food in August. So, I thought it was a good time to write a blog. This is now actually take-2, I lost my almost finished one so here I go again… but hey-ho!

Monday (4th June) was Russel Brand’s birthday, Flag day in Estonia, the Diamond jubilee concert at Buckingham palace but ALSO Family fun day at the Monckton Recreation Centre in Penkridge! People  enjoyed a dance with Jo Jingles, a blue ice cream from Phil and a hot, fresh, tasty jacket potato from the Chennai challenge stall.


We became quite a smooth running production line, and raised £250 on jacket potatoes! My sisters were also busy slapping temporary tattoos onto passers-by (young and old!) and selling the greetings cards that Jackie brought back from her last visit to Chennai. Overall, the day was definitely a success and a huge thank you to everyone who came to buy a spud, and all those who helped run the stall.

Here’s a Short Recipe: Baked Jacket Potato. – that’s something i’ll have to try out one lunch!

I’ve also been busy at the youth drama club inn Wheaton Aston. I’ve set all the oompah loompah routines and Veruca Salt’s song – “I want it now”. Next week, i’ll be setting Grandpa Joe’s number “Think Positive”. I’ve really enjoyed helping out at my drama group, friends in my PE class who’ve seen me in aerobics would probably never think that I’d be choreographing 7-14 year olds!

So I suppose it really is all about “challenging you to exploring life outside your comfort zone” as stated in the Chennai challenge slogan. Except, I had to shorten it to “get out of your comfort zone” to fit on my silicon wrist bands. The reason I’m wearing my Chennai polo shirt is that I’m off for to sell raffle tickets and wrist bands at John Spillane’s gig tonight – I’ve just googled him and he must be famous because there’s a wikipedia page about him!

Maybe I can get him to RT me like the lovely @milwiveschoir did! Ooh and they’ve got a wikipedia page about them too! Maybe with enough RT’s, chennai challenge could get a wiki page one day 😉

Mary x

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