If it has worked, you should be reading my blog! :)

If it has worked, you should be reading my blog! :)

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I’m Megan and this is my blog about Chennai Challenge (hopefully if it has worked)!

My first thought is that I’m so excited, and I cannot wait. However, when I think about it properly I become quite scared and freaked out. Having to raise £1400 and travelling thousands of miles to help orphaned boys in slum conditions. It feels unrealistic, like it’s a dream. But it’s true and I can’t wait!

The team meetings are awesome and I’m loving the team for this year. Going to London was great, the weekend made me think more realistically towards the commitment I have made for August. But it also gave me great confidence because I was reassured and stopped me worrying (a little).

Over the weekend we learned a little bit of Tamil which was really fun, although I only remember a little. We also learned how to dressing in a sari, but I wasn’t very good at that unfortunately. We also did some important things to, such as malteser games… ;D

Overall I loved the weekend and I’m so glad I’ve signed up to go.

Thank you for reading my first blog!

Megan 😀 xx

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  1. alice says:

    wooop megan!!!!! it worked ;ppp xxxxx

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