How to ride an elephant…

How to ride an elephant…

August 18, 2009 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Yes we are still here, despite the very busy schedule- which is why this post is so short!

All the team are well, but motions keep changing day to day…..

Yesterday we went to Mallapurum- which involved the usual excellent Indian driving. We opted for a van with air-con, and had various team members complaining they were cold- in India of all places! Anyway, we went to see some of the oldest temples in the area that have some wonderful carvings and painted beautifully.

Weather was suprisingly wet. This made the trip even more fun. One of the highlights was having a ‘blessing’ done by an elephant, which also included climbing onto its head and having a picture taken. We had some very brave members of the team, who were rather scared to do it but did. Well done to all!

Now off to pack for Yellagiri, so you won’t hear from us until we get back. We are having four days with the boys, then two extra days to recover!

Best wishes,

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