How India has changed my life!

How India has changed my life!

September 17, 2012 Old Blog Uncategorized 3

ImageI don’t think there are any words to explain how amazing India was! I still can’t explain it to people because there aren’t any words that can make people understand how amazing, life changing and generally awesome India was! I can’t quite believe that I went to India and I don’t understand how to parts of the same world are so different!

My perspective on life has been completely changed by the boys I met in India, my purple team, the people at oasis, and the people in the community centres. I have seen the videos on the tv near children in need and comic relief days but still nothing can truly prepare you for the harsh reality of poverty and what it means to the people who live in it. The element of choice that I have in the UK is so vast and I forgot how big a choice I was making to go to sixth form and to decide to go to uni and study what I want to. As here it’s normal to do that but for those boys it’s not even an option and whatever they do they are unlikely to ever get those opportunities. I realised whilst Imageout in India how many possesions I have as in one suitcase alone, I had more than the boys in boystown have in their lives. I also have come to appreciate my family as seeing people without one, or even with families that aren’t there makes me realise how lucky I really am, however much they annoy me at least I have a family who are able to support and look after me!

I’ve also regonised how lucky I am to have all my limbs, even if I’m accident prone I still have them where as for some out in India it means they have no life except one of begging because they have had accidents leaving them without limbs, they have been broken so beggar masters can get more money or they were born with deformities.

But, I miss how friendly India is, where you can walk down the street get smiled at and no-one thinks anymore about it whereas back here you get looked at as if you are a freak! I do miss the food, even though I haven’t had curry since I got back as I don’t want it to disappoint me which it more than certaintly will! I miss the boys and I miss waking up every morning with the girls, trying to wake Amy up and desperately trying not to wake Kate up and then having to time bathroom trips perfectly! I think I miss everything about India and really want to go back, I miss team meeting, I miss wearing Indian clothing, I miss having a target for water (because I’m not drinking anywhere near enough here!) I think I even miss India time, even though we didn’t experience much of it this year, just because Emma and Isaac were incharge (obviously)!! I think I also miss the smells, even the disgusting ones like going over the rivers!!

I love India so much and this was the most life changing experience of my life and this is not abusing Kieron’s thought for the day but using it in it’s true sense! I am not afraid to say WHY NOT and am considering going out to Pakistan next summer to a place where my mum has worked and where I got invited to go this afternoon when some of them came for tea (they were in England anyway, they didn’t fly over just to have a drink and cake with us!)

So a huge thank you to the whole team, I love you loads and you will all always bring back fabulous memories, every single one of you! I could never forget everyone’s faces on the elephants! 🙂 You have changed my life and for that I will be eternally grateful! And I can’t wait to see you all again at the next meet up, which is likely to be organised by Mary as she seemed to have a lot of plans for reunions! Sorry for the huge blog, had a lot to say! Lots of love and look after yourselves! <;3

Hannah Xxx

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  1. Isaac Jones says:

    thanks Hannah – I really enjoyed reading that. So glad that you have had a good summer and that you want to do something more!

  2. Rakesh Singh says:

    Thanks a lot hanna…i agree with u about india…its amazing

  3. Good article.. Hanna keep writing ! If possible do connect me on twitter @ManojSethiSEO

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