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I’ve done it! I’ve come back to blog again…

Sorry, its just that its a really big thing for me to do it – I’m really not that technical!

Everything is going well in the planning stages of my fourth and final (for the moment any way) visit India.  I have made lots of lists, and now have only to find space in my, sorry our room, for my big suitcase. after which i can start packing. I’m going to start with the stuff we are taking over for the boys.

We have had some pencils & glue etc donated by our former quartermaster Jackie, who kept everthing well under control last trip. Nick and I have been given these to take over, as well as an inordinate number of tennis balls. Then all the clothes etc, and all the little bits, various electronic items & there respective chargers. I think thats everything.

However, this blog is a delaying tactic, i should be tidying… Its just so nice to say things like “this time next week i might be…” it doesn’t matter what i’ll be doing really, because whatever we do out there We Make a Difference, and we can feel it. This is one of the reasons that this charity means so much, you can see what you are doing while you are there, its just amazing how it makes you feel.

Really can’t wait!!!!


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