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Well after three amazing weeks team A are home. We got off the plain to sunshine which needless to say did not last long!

These past few weeks have been amazing and ife changing! I didn’t really know what to expect by coming out here and was really just going to enjoy the experience if nothing else.
However, it has been epic. Chennai is a beautiful city and the atmosphere is buzzing. Everyone is so friendly and there is so much to see and do.
I have made some amazing friends especially from the A Team! Alex, Al, Shauni, Flo, Sarah, Nick, Fraser and Jackie it was amazing sharing this experience with you and thank you for all the wonderful memories!
Thank you also to the leadership team for the opportunity and for your constant guidance and help throughout.
The best part has got to be the boys of Kottivakham. They are truely amazing. I have made a few new friends and brothers in them and will really miss thier smiling faces! The worst part was not being able to say goodbye to them all as they were sent home due to flooding!
I really hope that I will have the opportunity to come again next year to see the boys and help out again in the areas that really need it.

So until next year
Suzanne xx

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