…have we been up to!

…have we been up to!

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Ok so in all seriousness..

We went to Maharbralipurum (phonetic spelling!) It was wet, we got damp! Very Damp.. some more than others (Al, Fraser and Barney to mention a few!!) But let us begin at the very beginning. An early start, 8am, however India time meant we didn’t actually leave till 9:30am! The wide awake team filled the transport with chatter, laughter, singing… by which we mean the Ipods on and the eyes tightly shut! Liv was in charge of the minibus with the lovely but fairly shy Asir and Emma had the pleasure of the car with the mobile!! (ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!) First stop bakery, which filled us with happiness and joy and a little bit of sugar. Next came the heffalumps! Alex w, Suzanne, Becky M, Ross, Nick and Lynn all had the pleasure of sitting astride the biggest heffalump that ever lived (or so Becky thought, we didn’t like to tell her it was half the size!!) Meanwhile Rachel took much delight in teasing the fish in the temple tank!! Next stop was a very old temple which was made with cement with an added ingredient which we still don’t know. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Asir the wonderful tour guide then gave all the females a treat when he took us to a silk factory where they made sarees. After a brief stop for a little something (i.e. an amazing portion of gobi sixty five, aloo gobi masala, rice, papads and paratha which was definately not eaten by only two of our team!!!) Upon leaving the sea was being dumped upon our heads, well.. sort of, although this literally happened later on.
We are rapidly running out of time due to our increasing need for a little bite to eat.
Our next stop was the amazing national heritage site with temples and stautes galore! Which we obviously respected by taking highly appropriate photos on them all! We also enjoyed a light shower (which to those who have never experience a light Indian shower is rather like a literal POWER shower!) This also allowed for some small water fight in the puddles/lakes. The day was rounded off spectacularly when we went to enjoy the beach and the beautiful bay of bengal. Some got slightly closer than anticipated when a rather large wave knocked the three tallest team members off their feet. Of course we were very concerned for their welfare and in no way were rolling around the beach in fits of laughter! Our one moment of regret was that it was not our ‘Dear friend’ SD!! 🙂

– A great big bushy beard –

Unfortunately our team mates grumbling stomachs mean that we have to depart unfinished!
So if you wish to find out about the amusements of our ‘get to gether’ you will have to have a little patience…

lots of love and squelchy hugs
Rachey and Em x


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