Generosity and Cakes

Generosity and Cakes

March 14, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

Today I made £575 for Chennai. Now, I’m not saying this to make myself sound good (Although my cake baking skills are pretty epic) I’m saying this to illustrate what can be achieved through a little resolve, and the humbling generosity of others. (With a little help from God, of course)

My church mission committee elected to give me a cheque of £400. This is a staggering amount, but I found myself, while extremely grateful, completely taking this in my stride. It was no less than I expected –

You see, earlier I had had people paying me for cupcakes in notes. I’m not pretentious enough to assume my humble cakes were good enough to warrant such expenditure – no, I knew they were giving me the money because they believed in me and Chennai Challenge, or what I had said at any rate –

You see, earlier I had had the privilege of talking to my church about Chennai Challenge – what it is, what we are about – what we hope to achieve with the help of our God. I could see that what I was saying was going down well. It all fitted in.

You see, earlier our vicar had done a great talk on stewardship – particularly the start of Philippians 2, where Paul talks about showing others the ultimate comfort that is the love of God – and he touched upon the fact that our very abilities to love and to give are gifts from God. He used cakes as a yummy visual metaphor to show the giving of ourselves. It was perfect, it made what I said all the more relevant, and my cakes all the more enticing. Which was a huge relief to me.

You see, earlier I was sitting on my bed, feeling weary, worrying about what on earth I was going to say.

It’s funny when everything fits together like that. It’s almost as if someone is up, looking down, working it all out.


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  1. (Re reading this now, there should be more hyphens at the end of paragaraphs. oh well, you get the gist)

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