gave it our best shot

gave it our best shot

August 11, 2009 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

Hi All

just thought we’ll let you know how things were going….have spent alot more time with the boys getting to know them better, what can we say they are amazing and we love each and every one of them! one of the leaders, rob decided it would be funny to fall off the stage (as you do…) and the rest of us thought it would be a great idea to get the small boys to help him back up. it was to our great amusement about 25 rushed to him and managed to get him back on stage LOL!

we also went to another YMCA school (Fort) where they have managed to fit over 1000 pupils (of which a high percentage came from the large slum community nearest the school) in a little tiny space where they have been asking to build another level ontop to double the size as they are barely managing to fit all the pupils in the classes.

ok now to end on a funny story…… (maria) shares a room with the one and only jenni webb (the two loud ones in the group) For a change jenni and i were actually FAST asleep when we both woke up suddenly to a SHAKING BED!!! we also noticed it was heavily raining outside and at 1;30 in the morning we thought it was the wind and rain that made our beds shake….
the next morning…it was the first thing jenni and i shared with the group. this came with many laughs from the others as ‘how can the wind and rain make a huge concrete building move so much that it made our beds shake’ also to top it all off NO ONE ELSE was woken to this weird shaking and in the end this whole situation was shaken (lol) off with the conclusion that it was the a/c that made our beds shake.
to end this amazing story at lunch time today the leaders (rob,cathy,isaac) were told by Edwin and George (runners of the boys town) that believe it or not…..
WE EXPERIENCED A MINI EARTH QUAKE AT 1:30 IN THE MORNING….. jenni and i are not mad!!!!

speak soon

maria and lydia xxxxxxxx

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  1. Isaac Jones says:

    I had totally forgotten about the mini earthquake!

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