From paper giraffes to paper planes…!

From paper giraffes to paper planes…!

August 3, 2014 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Vanakam! Sarah and Mary (Sar and Mar) here, sitting in “Joy and Joy internet cafe”. We’ve just had a yummy dinner at Doveton Cafe – well deserved we think after a busy day!

The first challenge this morning was Isaac’s “Thought of the Day” – to construct an animal – a giraffe no less! – entirely out of newspaper and sellotape… Further twists to the challenge included only being allowed to use one hand, and then half of us couldn’t use either! However, after our admirable attempt we astonished Isaac who was amazed at how beautiful our masterpiece was…

Photo: Thought for the day: Teamwork...the team were challenged to make a paper giraffe... with obvious obstacles and challenges on the way! What do you think?

The rest of morning included planning for Boys town sessions, Yelagiri and then shopping for resources. Three members of the team – naming no names! – spent a considerable time walking. One of these individuals expands on her thoughts:


We walked – without shade in the sweltering heat – for miles. And miles. And miles and miles and miles. We were walking to find a particular shop, which was closed on arrival. After a TREK back to the rest of the team – who were enjoying the luxurious air conditioning – we discovered there was a much closer shop. The team responded “so, where is our lunch?”

(The bloggers hasten to add this may be a slight exaggeration of events)

Fortunately, after a lunch of hot puffs and fruit, the team were refreshed and energised – ready for boys town! It was really exciting (as most things today have been – hence the abundance of exclamation marks!!!!!!) to meet the boys. As well as a paper aeroplane tournament, we played thumb wars, hand clapping games and  sang lots of songs. Boys and team alike were entertained by Isaac trying to control the naughtiest boy – team leader, Mr Robert Short. It was such a fun (and rather sweaty) afternoon, and we can’t wait to see the boys again tomorrow!

So, sweet dreams, hope you’re day was exciting as ours – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah and Mary

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