From my point of view

From my point of view

August 5, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 3

The great thing about Chennai Challenge is that every time is different, but also it is different for all the team members.

So far this year things have gone well from my perspective as leader. The flights with Jet Airways were good, and the transfer in Mumbai went really smoothly. As luck would have it we had a few rupees to be able to buy a drink while we waited for the next plane. We were met at the airport by Edwin, the rooms were all sorted and we got in with no problems.

For me, traveling through the city feels normal, just a part of my life. For others it is completely different. Most of the team at the moment have been before, but their experiences are different as well. Tamsin has been away for 3 years and has noticed a lot of change, others see the continuation from last year. Importantly for me, the team is working well. Everyone is happy and healthy, everyone is getting involved and coping with dynamic nature of the project. This first happened on our first day, when within 30 mins of setting the plan for the day, it changed.

Food has been really good so far, but the best thing has been the visit to Boys Town.

Even after visiting so many times before, I am always taken back by how welcomed we are and the reaction we get. This year we had two lines of boys, clapping us as we entered the hall, showering us with flower petals and giving us sweets. After a huge round of applause, we started our program. We had great fun introducing everyone, singing songs, shouting songs, doing songs “super speed’ as well as playing a game of ladders and nearly being killed by the hokey cokey.

So, so far so good from my point of view, I hope it is the same from the rest of the team.


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  1. Sosha says:

    Erm, did you read the in-flight magazine during your Jet Airways flight?

    • Rob Short says:

      Didn’t read the magazine, just watched a film, ate and slept. If the choice is Rajni or reading, Rajni wins

  2. John Harris says:

    Sounds like you have all had a great start. Enjoying the blog!

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