Falling Down

Falling Down

April 5, 2009 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Sometimes things are like buses, you wait and wait then three come along at once. Well, that might not be true of buses any more, but things do come along in groups. Crazy people who jump out of planes for example.

So we had three good souls, namely Gemma, Manda and Gary who all decided that that would fall out of a perfectly good aeroplane in exchange for people giving money to us. Good plan.

It was an early start to the day, in order to get to the airfield by 8am. The weather was swiftly improving as we arrived and all three signed away all rights to blame us for any misfortune.

A brief training session told them all they needed to know about falling, (surely that would be quite easy?) and then the job was just waiting for their turn to go.

Seeing the first people coming down did little to calm Gemma’s nerves, but there was no time to worry about any of that as they were in the second ‘lift’, as these things are known. After about 10 mins of flying up to 13000 feet, they fell down in a couple of mins at 120mph. Three almost textbook landings (well Manda’s was the example of what not to do) everyone was in one piece and we had an extra £450!

If you want to Jump out of a plane for Chennai Challenge, just email us and we can sort it out.


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