Exciting things

Exciting things

July 29, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

It is now a week until I fly to India with Chennai Challenge, and unsurprisingly I am quite excited. I am of course excited about all the good we will be able to do. I am excited about seeing lives made better by what we do. I am excited to see how the work of the YMCA and Oasis is going. I am excited about seeing smiling faces, and going on a 6 hour bus journey with 130 ish over excited boys, dancing and singing all the way. I am excited to see people who will recognise me.  These all feel like good things to be excited about, good noble, worthwhile things to be excited about.

I am also excited about quite a few other things, which are slightly less noble. I am excited about going on the plane and getting to choose my own movies, I am excited about getting the chance to play UNO, I am excited about going to great restaurants like Raaj Bhavaan and Blue Diamond. I am excited about going to the cinema, being freezing cold in the AC and not quite understanding the plot. I am excited about Indian roads and travelling in an auto, preferably racing another auto. I feel a bit guilty about being excited about these, and quite a few other stupid things, but I am still excited by them, I just can’t help it.

So, 5 days, then India, Hoorah!


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