Elephants and Sarees

Elephants and Sarees

August 16, 2012 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

I have just received my saree that is all tailored and ready to wear, and on time! :0 English time not India time but that is beside the point! I haven’t blogged yet so this is likely to be huge to fill everyone in on everything. Basically, food is amazing although quite a few people like Kate, Kieron, Les, Charlotte and Megan may not agree as they have all had poorly tummies.

I have some nice gifts for everyone back home, am looking forward to going to the beach in my free time tomorrow afternoon. I am also looking forward to our “Pudding with Prince” this evening as I am sure it will be hilarious if we are going on last night as Suzanne decided to go bright red in fits of laughter with Amy yesterday, Isaac was crying with laughter and Emma and Suzanne had a sister connect moment so was also in fits of laughter. Suzanne showed us all why she was Emma’s sister with her evilness as she rang our room doorbell about 20 times.

However on to the elephants, we went to the temples and I got to sit on an elephant!! It was soooooo cool and I think I was the only one in the whole group who actually looked like I was enjoying myself, everyone else looked like they were wetting themselves, which was quite funny all the same! Ashleigh was shaking and Mary was a little scared to say the least. It did make me go hyper for the rest of the day though as I was so excited, so apologies for those who weren’t feeling too good on the day!

I can’t believe we leave so soon it feels like I’ve lived here my whole life. I love it, the food, the experiences and the people.


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  1. Rob Short says:

    I forgot about pudding with Prince! Have a great time, I am sure Clifford will be a lot bigger than last year. Send love from us all.

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