Early Early Early…

Early Early Early…

August 13, 2015 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

So today we started the day at 5.45am ready to get an Auto to Basin Bridge to do Football training with around 70 slum children there. This project is run by Oasis and I personally really enjoy taking part in it even though I have absolutely zero talent in the football department!!  You really get a good feeling that the boys involved (both students and staff) get sooo much from the project that it makes you want to be more and more involved.

The boys had a trial match planned so we were unable to train with them, but we did watch the game, give words of encouragement and have a good old chin wag with the boys who weren’t in the match.

This session started 6.30am (due to the heat) and finished at 8am. At this point we had been asked to carry out a session on nutrition and exercise with the four coaches and Oasis, so they could advise their kids and also themselves about healthy eating and how to treat your body when exercising.

This went really well, the coaches had lots of questions and seemed to enjoy the input, so much so that we actually led from that session straight into our first Blue Edge English lesson at 10am!

Blue Edge was brilliant today; I have really missed doing these sessions. I really enjoy challenging myself as I know that my English and grammar are poor at the best of times, so these sessions are a great help in my journey of building confidence in this area for myself, but also for the people we are teaching. I also think it’s helpful for them to see that even someone who is native English can’t really get a grip of the language correctly! We only had a group of 6 young ladies, aged between 21 and 40, who are all looking to eventually gain work. They have only been learning English for 5 months and I was impressed by their knowledge and fluency. We thought it would be good for the ladies to just practice more natural conversation with us, so with the assistance of some flash cards we had a 1 and a half hour long group discussion, it was fantastic! The girls also showed us some PowerPoints they had been working on. After this completed session, we headed back to Vepery at 12noon for some lunch and more planning for the rest of the week. Phew, what a busy morning!!!!

After lunch we headed back to Oasis to run a health and wellbeing course with a group of women who are currently at risk of diabetes and anaemia. We had 10 ladies, so a much busier session. They all seemed engaged and asked many questions, showing interest, which is nice to see. This session started and 3.30pm and went on until 5pm. We left at 5pm to go and get ready for dinner and our crazy busy day tomorrow.

Our thought for the day today was from Suzanne, and it was about being still and taking a few minutes to yourself to appreciate the silence, don’t speak, don’t think, and don’t do anything. We gave it a go and I found it very calming. I thoroughly enjoyed it so thought I’d share.

Peace Out… ZamZam

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