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So this is really a mini post. I like curry. Do you like curry?  Very soon there will be curry recipes provided by the lovely Cathy on this very blog – that’s right – we’re stretching our wings a little.  One of the great things about visiting India is being able to partake of the range of currys and other dishes available in the local area.  I’ve mentioned food before, but I am excited for Cathy’s Chilli Panneer, Lamb Kofta Biryani, South Indian Vegetable Korma.

Here though is someone’s paratha recipe:

True – the best flatbread in the world.  I haven’t tried the recipe here, but they sound pretty good.  I know that Cathy has a recipe that she will hopefully put on here for her parathas, which although I have not tried them I am reliably informed are delicious.

I am also keen for to do some curry reviews.  Enjoy his witty commentary on various microwave meals.  I will be petitioning for some curry reviews (preferably Indian) soon.

Well, I have nothing much to say, just thought I would share my curry based thoughts of the day with you all.  Watch this space for more curry based blogs from Cathy!

And now – a picture of some curry:

English: Indian curries

Image via Wikipedia. I particularly like the authentic little pots. Couldn't find these when I was in India last time!


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  1. jamesO says:

    Chili Paneeeeeer! Cathy’s Chili Paneer remains the best I’ve ever tasked!

  2. palmface says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for including the paratha recipe from my blog. They are SO the nicest Indian bread, and it looks like you’re doing great work in Chennai! Alice

    • Isaac Jones says:

      You are more than welcome! It is so rare to find a good Paratha in an Indian restaurant in England – although there are a couple of places that I have found them. Such as this place:

      If you’re ever in London, give them a try – they’re amazing.

  3. Just you wait til I get my hands on Atul Khochars Korma at Morrison’s. I’m sure he won’t compete with Cathy – but i’ll be sure to let you know!

  4. Isaac Jones says:

    Just looking at this again and the curry in the picture looks amazing….hungry now…

  5. […] I opted for an Indian sauce over one of the Italian offerings in part at the request of the blog Chennai Challenge and in part because so far curry has been lacking from these pages. Look at Gordon with a red nose […]

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