Come fly with me, and make a difference

Come fly with me, and make a difference

August 3, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

Lets fly, let’s fly away!

So in less than 12 hours time I will be in the air flying to India.

One of the brilliant things about Chennai Challenge is that it is always different. Last year was the first year we took out a double team, going for a total of 4 weeks, but each person only being away for 2 and a half. This year we do the same system again, but the experience will be different. Different doesn’t mean bad, it is good. Different doesn’t mean better or worse, it means different.

This year we are flying with a different airline, and this will make a difference to the experience straight away, but maybe not a really important one. In team A this year we have 6 people who have been before, and 2 who are first timers. There is no way that the people who have been before will have exactly the same experience, but this is not a bad thing. Over the next couple of weeks we will be working as a team, and this team will be unique, no other team will work in quite the same way and it will be good. When team B arrive, it will be different. Then a bit later team A will leave and it will be different again. All of these differences will not make things better or worse, just different.

It is very easy to be afraid of difference, of change and of the unknown. Fortunately we have a group of people who are interested in exploring a different culture by traveling to India.  to take the chance to see, taste and smell a whole range of different things. This can be very scary, but also very rewarding. Also the whole team know they will make a difference.

There is that one odd thing about ‘making a difference’ in that we like people to make a difference, but at the same time we don’t like change. The changes that will happen on Chennai Challenge will be positive. Lives will be changed. It could be the team, who will see the world in a new way after the project. It will be all the people we encounter in India, the lives we touch. Some of them we will be able to help by improving facilities they have, equipping them in some way or just spending time with them. Just the fact that you see someone who has traveled just to see you and to make a difference, really gives you hope and makes a difference in your life.

Keep checking the website to hear of all the differences that Chennai Challenge is making happen, you are a part of it as well.


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  1. Ali Ansell says:

    Hi Rob
    Glad to hear you have all arrived safely. Will follow your blog with great interest.
    Ellie is of course one of the first timers you mention . She has been led to do this and followed her calling and I pray that she learns why she was called.
    You are all in my prayers and give those gorgeous lads lots of love from me!

    Ali x

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