Challenging is not close to the word!

Challenging is not close to the word!

August 10, 2012 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

So today we had our second Blue Edge session with Oasis. I am really enjoying theses session but am beginning to realise the true meaning of Chennai Challenge’s slogan ‘challenging you to explore life outside your comfort zone’.


Many years ago I made a conscious change from pursuing a career in teaching to nursing. Now I know why God obviously led me down the nursing path. My English is rubbish! 

It has been really challenging to sit with 13 fluent Tamil students and teach them my own language. It just goes to show how we get into so many bad habits and rely a lot on slang. So it makes me laugh when we are here and trying to teach them the correct sentence structures and correct use of nouns etc when I can hardly use them correctly myself.

Even sitting here now I am ensuring that everything is correctly spelled and punctuated. So even we Chennai Challenge team members learn something over our time here.

As I always do I have enjoyed the experience of sitting down and getting to know the students and where they come from in life.

Over this next weekend we all look forward to some more boys town session at Kottivakkam (which is another name I have learnt to spell properly thanks to Kumar).

Tonight however we look forward to dinner at Raj Bhavan! With some lovely cheese pav bahji’s!!!!!!!!!!




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