Celebrating what was and looking at what’s to come!

Celebrating what was and looking at what’s to come!

June 30, 2013 News Old Blog Reflection Uncategorized 1

Wow!!!! What a mad weekend it has been.

What seems like a lifetime in the making and in one evening our ‘First 50’ celebration is over.

First 50

It was so good to meet up with old team members reminiscing and enjoying fond memories and a chance to meet those team members whom we haven’t met but who have also shared in a similar life changing experience. The evening started with a chance to chat and catch up with those we haven’t seen in a while. Finding out what everyone has been up to since their project and what path life has taken them on since Chennai Challenge.

Of course nothing would be quite Chennai Challenge without a few ‘Challenges’ in the shape of games such as ‘spin-a-prize’ and ‘Carrom’.


So after a brief catch up and refreshment, the evening begun. First an introductory speech from Rob. Who I have to say looked extremely smart in his Dinner Jacket. After this we had the, maybe slightly obvious but entirely appropriate, meal of Curry! Not quite Chennai ‘Blue Diamond’ standard but still very good. Of course to finish we had Gulab Jamon, which again – not quite the same without ice-cream.











Next we were entertained by a narrated video, looking back at 6 years of projects ranging from a group of 6 in one team to a double team totaling 22 team members. A look back at what has grown and taking shape over the years and how much time, effort, money and love has been invested in Chennai over the years. We were warned to concentrate as what followed was a quiz consisting of questions about India/Chennai/Chennai Challenge. Amazingly there were joint winners. Proudly I can say mine was one of them. Don’t usually win much but love it when I do!


Following this we had a quick break before experience an exciting vision in the shape of the ‘5 Year Plan’. An opportunity for everyone to hear how they can actively continue being involved in Chennai Challenge.

It included an exciting vision of how the next few trips are going to make the charity accessible to those who may never normally have the opportunity to experience a life changing trip.

The disappointing part of the evening was knowing that so many people who have shaped Chennai Challenge and helped it become what it is were not able to celebrate with us last night.

It was a great evening of catching up, looking back and looking forward, enjoying the stories of trips gone by and beginning to imagine the future of Chennai Challenge. Keep watching for more news and ways in which you can help us on the next stage. Who knows it may not be long till the next 50 have made it to Chennai.


Can you take up the challenge?




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