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Just had the most fantabulous day ever! I’ve stuffed myself with gorgeous cakes, had 2 hennas and also had my nails done! All whilst raising £366 with donations still coming in! I had now gone over my total target of £1600 by £66 so I’m very, very happy!

It took a lot of planning, cutting out little notices and telling loads of people loads of times what I’m doing, when I’m doing and repating it over and over again for the people who came that were quite deaf! But it was a fabulous day and I’m now absolutely buzzing but slightly shattered from baking a few last minute cakes last night, cleaning the house and going to band this morning! It was definitely worth it, as I now have about 3months to raise even more so we can do more work out in India!

I can’t wait! It will be sooooo much fun, and I’m really looking forward to next weekend and seeing my lovely team members again! Although I’m dreading the thought of how absolutely boiling hot it is going to be in Chennai! Ridiculous! But hey! I’m also buzzing about the fact that my gran has made me 2 gorgeous chududars (I think that’s how you spell it!) to wear whilst I’m out in India, made from really thin material so even though I’m covered I hopefully won’t get too hot! 😀

So all in all, raising £366 was a brilliant end to an absolutel fantabulous week!!!!

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