About to go

About to go

August 1, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

In around 38 hours time 12 people will be flying to India as part of Chennai Challenge. Since January we have followed a training programme to get everyone ready for the experience.
Bags are currently being packed and excitement grows as the time gets closer and closer.
Right now I am excited about a whole load of things, getting out to Chennai, seeing people I know, seeing the Boys at Kottivakkum, eating the food, travelling on the roads. Huge amounts of things.
One thing that I do really look forward to is seeing what the new people think of it, watching their reactions to India as they start to see things for the first time, the shock/fear/excitement as we travel on the roads, occasionally on the correct side of the road, trying new foods, working with Boys at Boys Town and seeing the genuine happiness on the Boy’s faces all have an effect on people. i love seeing that effect and watching as people start to learn new things.

As we go on this experience everyone, if they have been before or not, will see things differently afterwards.


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