5 for 50!

5 for 50!

July 27, 2013 Old Blog Uncategorized 2

Last month Chennai Challenge held their First50 Celebration, where we reflected on the Charity and how much we have achieved in 6 years. As mentioned previously in blogs, we have also begun think about the future, how we can expand, develop and continue to make a difference to not only those who serve but those who are serving.

During this year of growth and change, we have decided to set previous team members, project leaders and individuals a challenge to assist raising funds to support our work.

5 for 50.

A series of 5 challenges.

5 ways in which you could help raise funds for our continual work in India.

5 ways in which you could help support the work of Chennai Challenge in
developing the skills set of volunteers.

Challenge 1 – 1 for £50
Can you find one person to donate £50 to Chennai Challenge?

Challenge 2 – 50p a day
Can you find one person to donate 50p a day to Chennai Challenge?

Challenge 3 – 50p a week
Can you find one person to donate 50p a week to Chennai Challenge?

Challenge 4 – 50p a fortnight
Can you find one person to donate 50p a fortnight to Chennai Challenge?

Challenge 5 – 1 for 50p a month
Can you find one person to donate 50p a month to Chennai Challenge?

Working as project leader, I have begun to understand how important each individual is. It only takes one person to have a huge impact. One person to change a life. One person to shape future generations. However along the journey they still need assistance, guidance and support from others. Could this be you? Could you take on one of these challenges? Could you be the individual who makes a huge difference?

Email projectleaders@chennaichallenge.com or visit our charity checkout page https://www.charitycheckout.co.uk/1122261/First50 to take on the 5 for 50 challenge!

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