29th August

29th August

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Hey it’s Rachel here doing my first ever blog in India! I have been having an amazing time out here. I have learnt so much about the culture and met some inspirational people.

It’s lunchtime on the 29th August and  am using up a few hours of my free time in the internet cafe. We only have today and tomorrow left in Chennai (which is very sad because i am having an awesome time) and then Wednesday morning we leave for England!

We left at 8.45 this morning and got autos to the Oasis office. When we got there we all packed ourselves into a smallish room and started singing worship songs (from a spring harvest 03 praise books which Oasis just happened to have). We then all prayed together, praying for the work Oasis does, for the Oasis Team and for the Chennai Challenge Team. It was a lovely experience hearing prays from a different language as well as English.

Later on today we are going to the Boys Town for our last activity session, which I am very sad about. We have got very attached to all the boys there and for me, being with them has been my highlight of the trip. I love playing with them and talking to them (even if it involves the game of trying to remember 75 boys names). I love seeing there happy faces when we arrive and see them enjoy the activities that we do with them.

That is all for today, hope my blog has been informative and enjoyable.

Goodbye xxx

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  1. diane coates says:

    Thank-you Rachel, im sure it will be an emotional time for all of you when you say goodbye to the boys and eveyone else very soon,but you can all leave knowing that you have made a difference to their lives and that you can all be very proud of.
    I can’t wait to hear all about it and see all the photo’s when James comes home !!!! xx

  2. Isaac Jones says:

    Thanks for that Rachel. It will indeed be very difficult to say goodbye to the boys tonight. It’s always so hard to leave them, but at least we can leave knowing that we have made a small difference in their lives. Chennai Challenge 2011 is almost at an end – sad times!

  3. John Harris says:

    Well done to all the team. Have a safe journey home!

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