2 days left

2 days left

August 15, 2012 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

So the end of Chennai Challenge 2012 is quickly approaching,  and it’s about time I blogged again.

Since my last blog we’ve spent a lot of time at Boys Town and Blue Edge school.  The boys town sessions have been fun as always, which included a surprise birthday party for Kate (who wasn’t there due to illness) the boys made party hats and bunting which survived til our next visit (mostly).  The boys sang happy birthday about 3 times and sang it again when Kate was well enough to come to another session.

Speaking of illness… there’s been some stomach bugs and coughs passing around the group (We all blame Isaac) but everyone is healthy enough to do most of the things we’re doing.

It’s Indian independence day today, so small teams of Cc members visited different places in the city, including the group of Isaac, Charlotte and Amy who will soon be on state television for their hosting of Independence celebrations at YMCA Espanade branch.

So all in all we’re all doing well, busy as always but looks to coming home at 1am Saturday morning, yeah…that’s gonna be fun!

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