Fundraising Tips

This is one of the handout sheets for fundraising.  We offer further support to people who join our fundraising team, but these are some basic ideas:


Fundraising is not as difficult as you might think.  The most important thing to remember is that when we need to raise £1500 each, we don’t have time to spend 3 months planning an event that will raise £60.  The saying above is always a helpful one to remember.

It is also made easier by working in ‘cells’ or groups.  If you are planning on arranging other events, it is obviously easier with more than just you planning.

When deciding on your events, think about what your skills are.  What are you good at?  Can you use that to make money somehow?  For example if you are a good cook, prepare an Indian evening with a meal and a quick presentation, charge entry or ask for donations at the end.  Or maybe you are in a band – organise a concert in aid of the Challenge.

It is also important to identify your ‘sources’.  Remember, you need to know who you are going to be asking for money, and to try not to target the same people over and over again.  It’s not fair and they will become less responsive!  Different ideas for your ‘sources’ are:
Work colleagues/friends/school/church/family/local community.  Try to think about the best ‘attack’ for each group.

What are your ‘resources’?  What buildings do you have available to you?  Maybe you would be able to use a school building, church building, or your work place as a location for an event.  Do you have any contacts for getting hold of free tickets/free meals etc… that could be auctioned off?

Types of Fund-raising:
The types of fundraising that we tend to use fit into these categories:


  1. Entertainment; i.e. gigs/gala performances/comedy night/quiz night/Curry night.
  2. Sponsored events; i.e. fun runs/sports/silences/parachute jumps/Bible read.
  3. Miscellaneous; i.e. collecting at other events/bring & buy sales

Long term:

  1. Production & Sales; i.e. Funky Jewellery/cards/knitwear
  2. Appeals; i.e. The Lions Club/the Rotary Club/churches etc…

Examples of Past Fundraisers:

  • Concerts – £600 in a night x 2 = £1200 (+ jewellery sales)
  • INDIA WEEK @ Rodborough School – £1000 through sponsored events/mufti day/jewellery.
  • Sponsored Ski – £200 (High Effort, Low yield…not great!)
  • Funky Jewellery – a home made jewellery initiative– £1000’s – Continual income – Low Effort, High Yield
  • India Nights/Curry Nights
  • ‘Dancing for Chennai’ £1800 in a 1 week event
  • Private Donations
  • Collections at Theatres
  • Auction of Promises/Slave Auction.

The MOST important thing to remember is that it is far easier to raise the money if you can find a fundraiser that will take minimal effort and be fun whilst pulling in lots of money, than planning one which requires loads of your time and effort and only pulls in minimal funds.