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Jet packing to stafford

Travelling home from a fantastic team building and planning session at the Indian YMCA in London, we’ve all had a brilliant time in the company of the rest of the team – there’s been lots of laughter and fun playing games, singing songs and practicing craft and activities as well as informative and thought provoking…
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July 13, 2014 0

The First Meeting

Well hello there! I’m currently typing this this on the train home from London after the first team meeting. Chloe and I just had quite a scare as the train was stopped due to no electricity or something. We thought we were never going to get home! The elderly gentleman next to me has told…
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January 25, 2014 0

My biggest challenge so far…

Wow, it is that time of year again where we have begun our recruitment for team members for next years project to Chennai, India. This is very exciting as we have had a year of planning, restructuring, celebrating and deciding upon the future of Chennai Challenge. So for next year we are looking for potential project…
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October 26, 2013 0

Born to be a leader….

Leadership – this month has seen global changes in leadership; a new pope, a new archbishop of Canterbury and not to be left behind, we at Chennai Challenge are developing our leadership and management structure.  This got me thinking about the phrase commonly heard, ‘born to be a leader.’   Some people believe that leaders are…
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March 23, 2013 2

Good Puddings – sorry Beaudesert

Well three days on and I have almost caught up on sleep. There are a number of thankyou’s I want to share: Cathy, Rob, Isaac, thanks for having such an amazing vision and following through to actually make a difference for others, both here and in Chennai. Cathy – thanks for the food – nom…
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May 9, 2012 0

Ashleigh’s first blog!!

Hi all! This is my first blog, I don’t know why but I have been quite anxious about writing this as I have never written one before! I can’t believe how real it now all seems! I am actually going to India for an AMAZING cause with an amazing team (who I have got to…
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May 7, 2012 1


A post from Kate Webber one of our 2012 team members following a long training weekend: I’m currently on my way home from London having had a great training weekend with the Chennai Challenge team for 2012. I don’t quite know how it started but we got to talking about broccoli, I think I might…
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February 27, 2012 3

It’s Tamil Time!

This may be the shortest blog ever to be done, but I am writing to you from the very teaching room itself :’) we have been learning tamil today and being a language lover I enjoyed this very muchly 😀 we learned a couple of phrases, numbers, colours, family names, body parts and animals and…
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February 26, 2012 0

This weekend…

I have very little to do on a Thursday so I thought I might as well write a short blog. This weekend the Chennai Challenge team of 2012 will be setting off to London for a weekend of training. I’m sure it will be filled with silly songs and dances and possibly even a snazzy…
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February 23, 2012 2

That was the weekend that was

Not much to read in this blog, but you can look at the video of what happened on the training weekend! If you want to read about the weekend look at this link If you want to go to the site we were at beaudesert.

May 2, 2011 2