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A very wet welcome

Hi all, This is Isaac writing from a very wet  Chennai. I was  not a part of the project this summer, however I  have  taken advantage of some  of my holiday this year to come to Chennai and visit our partners and friends here.   The visit will be strange for me as I won’t…
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November 15, 2015 3

2014 Overview

The 2014 team have now all returned to the UK, and so now is a good time to just recap on the projects that we have supported this year, and a little bit of the impact we have had. In order to get a visual idea of this project, Tamsin has made this short video: YMCA…
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August 23, 2014 0

Good inTENTions

Every year when we go to India we try to blog as often as possible, to help let people in the UK know what is going on. Unfortunately we often have a very busy schedule in India and start most blogs with “sorry we haven’t blogged more”. To try and be a bit more consistent…
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August 5, 2013 0

And the winner is…

It is an exciting time for Chennai Challenge, as we get nearer and nearer to the First50 event on Saturday. As preparation for this I have been looking through a lot of photos and videos that we have taken over the past 6 years. There are huge numbers of photos showing good things we have…
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June 26, 2013 0


I was having a quick chat with the Chennai Challenge team photo this morning when… Just kidding guys – I haven’t reached the talking-to-photos stage of reverse culture shock…yet! I am missing Chennai and the team though, but funny everyday things remind me of the summer – like if anyone says “totes” or “parred!”. I…
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September 30, 2012 2

kcohS erutluC esreveR

kcohS erutluC esreveR Having not managed to blog during our time in India, thinking about some post return issues. One of the issues which was highlighted at the training days and as we were getting ready to come home was “kcohS erutluC esreveR” . How would it affect us, what would we identify? Landing at…
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August 21, 2012 0

Yelagiri 2012

Take a look at what we got up to on our Activity holiday with the boys from Kottivakkum Boys Town in Yelagiri Hills.

August 20, 2012 1

The final two days! :)

So we are now sitting on the M25, in slight traffic with no beeping horns, lane structure and quiet! It feels very strange! Our last few days in Chennai have been so busy – sorry for the lack of social networking activity. Thursday was again an Oasis day – the teams delivered their last English…
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August 18, 2012 0

Give and Take

At the school where I work we have a theme for assemblies each week. This week the theme is “Give and Take”. It is interesting to reflect on things which we give and take personally. Some times we can feel like all we go is give, give, give. And we see others who take, take,…
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March 23, 2012 2

Looking back

Team meber James Shaw has made a wonderful video showing a little glimpse of the work that happened in 2011. Have a look and then tell us what you think!

September 25, 2011 2