Author: Suzanne

A trip around Chennai

Hello and welcome to day 5 in the Chennai Challenge camp. We started the day today with an awesome thought for the day from Scary Mary (she’s not really scary-its an in joke). We all read a bit of a poem about being special and individuals and then we all drew around both of our…
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August 7, 2014 0

Strike a Pose

So we are getting close to heading back out to India and it’s always this point in the year that I worry about how much money I still have to raise. So this year I had planned my big fundraising event to be a Fashion show. A friend of mine recommended a company that she…
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June 1, 2014 0

Food Glorious Food!!!

Well what a month. It has been a slow start getting back into the fundraising mode, making me slightly concerned about how I will manage to raise the £1500 to go to Chennai this year. I know I will do it and it is a day like today that helps me realise this. “Since you…
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April 11, 2014 1

Celebrating what was and looking at what’s to come!

Wow!!!! What a mad weekend it has been. What seems like a lifetime in the making and in one evening our ‘First 50’ celebration is over. It was so good to meet up with old team members reminiscing and enjoying fond memories and a chance to meet those team members whom we haven’t met but who…
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June 30, 2013 1

Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate Eggs and Dr Who!

YES, after weeks of no chocolate, cakes or anything sweet the day has finally arrived when I can fill my boots with it all! Lent is over and the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend brings tasty treats (including my first attempt at Hot Cross Buns: recipe below), a long weekend and the return of the popular tv…
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March 31, 2013 2

New Years Resolutions

So being the 5th weekend of the month it falls to me to bring you some pearls of wisdom from my good self… well of sorts anyway. How was christmas for everyone? A happy occasion? full of lots of gifts, food, drink? Now we reach New Years Eve! Amazing how fast one year can go…
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December 30, 2012 1

Challenging is not close to the word!

So today we had our second Blue Edge session with Oasis. I am really enjoying theses session but am beginning to realise the true meaning of Chennai Challenge’s slogan ‘challenging you to explore life outside your comfort zone’.   Many years ago I made a conscious change from pursuing a career in teaching to nursing.…
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August 10, 2012 0


Oh, just had literally the most AMAZING curry EVER! Mmmmmm 😉 oh and quote of the day goes to Rob: I’m on the edge of Gulab, and I’m hanging my Jamuns with you (sung to Lady Gaga’s edge of glory) gotta go now for pudding!! HAZAAHH! Love Kate xxx

May 5, 2012 0

ahahahaaA :’)

Oh I think the single most funny thing this weekend so far is the assault course. Emma’s near death experience followed by Isaac’s nearly broken hand was hilarious redefined, secondly only to Rob and Isaac blind folded laps. Essentially we are having fun here at Beaudesert. Lots of love Kate 😀 xxx

May 5, 2012 0

It’s Tamil Time!

This may be the shortest blog ever to be done, but I am writing to you from the very teaching room itself :’) we have been learning tamil today and being a language lover I enjoyed this very muchly 😀 we learned a couple of phrases, numbers, colours, family names, body parts and animals and…
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February 26, 2012 0