Author: Emma

Minimum effort, maximum yield!

This is a common phrase used amongst fundraisers! Basically, the most productive way to fundraise is where you put in the least effort you can, yet raise the most amount possible. So here are my top five ‘minimum effort, maximum yield’ fundraising ideas; 1) JUST ASK!  – The simplest way is to ask people you know.…
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April 9, 2012 1

Goodbyes and airport runs!

Two days ago Team A had their last day in Chennai. The day began with a great thought for the day by Catlin in which she explained why she came on project and encouraged the team by reminding us that God has amazing plans for everyone. We all then explained our reasons for coming and not surprisingly many reasons…
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August 23, 2011 5

Dance, Dance…

Yesterday was very busy. It started early with Yemma, Tamsin and Barney waking at 5:50am for football with Oasis.  Once they successfully navigated their way to the football ground, they joined Vijayan John (Oasis football coach) for an under 12’s training session. This experience really shows the difference that can be made to slum children’s …
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August 13, 2011 4

Day 5- Zam Zam’s First blog!!

so this is my first blog (cheers yemma for letting me borrow your login!!) Day 5 and it feels like I haven’t left since 2007!! Today we had a busy one!! First we had team meeting and thought for the day, which was about who has made you shine in your life, twas a good…
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August 8, 2011 0

Tarpaulin, drainpipe and wooden pieces of square!

So day 3 of Chennai Challenge Barney in his blogging frenzies has already mentioned the food consumed by our team during this day  – I am glad he has got his priorities right! Our day yesterday began with boys town session planning. The team was split up into mentor groups and given the task of…
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August 7, 2011 3

Pre-visit Blog

So Team A venture out to India in 4 days time! This time last year I was already packed and eager to go, however this year I am still far from packing!  New responsibilities at school as well as the added pressure of moving house when I return from India has preoccupied my thoughts! Now…
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July 30, 2011 3

Challenge – Out of my Comfort Zone

Friday 1st April, April Fools day, picture the scene; 6am, alarm ringing whilst a reluctant team member is getting up for their next challenge which will definitely take them out of their comfort zone for at least 8 hours! This was the day that I had promised to wear a dress (with heels, makeup and tiara!) for…
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April 3, 2011 1

Personal Challenges

Human nature is a funny thing. We always want the latest phone with all the apps, the newest car, the football shirt for this season etc. but are we ever happy with what we get or do we always think we can do better? Today I visited the Education Show ready to get bags of…
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March 21, 2011 0