The Challenges

When you join a Chennai Challenge team, we task you with engaging with the following challenges.  We use the team meetings and our time in India to help you do this.

  1. To immerse yourself in a new and different culture. We don’t believe in travelling all the way to South India and sticking to the things we know.  We think it is important for all our team members to really engage with the culture – that includes food, language, climate and so much more.  We do all we can to prepare our team for this experience, as well as the reverse culture shock of returning to the UK after the trip to India.
  2. To develop your personal skills, particularly in leadership, planning and teamwork. As a member of the team, you are expected to develop your skills in these areas in a variety of different forms. We will also be planning activities (games, craft, and sports) for the boys at the Boys Towns, and an activity holiday. Also, whilst in India you will work alongside the rest of the team in an intense and possibly high pressure environment.
  3. To examine your reaction to poverty, giving, and action. As a charity run by and inspired by Christian teaching, Chennai Challenge feels that it is important to try to address  our own personal perspective on poverty, and our reaction to it. You will also be asked to lead a ‘Thought for the Day’ whilst in India – but don’t panic, we don’t expect a sermon, simply your thoughts…of the day.  We hope this will be a challenge to both Christians and non-Christians alike.
  4. To raise a minimum of £1500 to support the work of Chennai Challenge. This challenge is fairly simple, and we will support your efforts as much as is in our power to do so!  This will include fundraising suggestions and support throughout the training.