Day 2 – Different experiences

On the second day of this year’s project we had a slightly different experience. Those who had been left behind with visas issues found to great relief that a visa had been granted, and so they could travel. So they travelled! Catching the same flight, just a day later.

Those who had travelled were welcomed by Isaac and had a time of ‘orientation’ as they spent the day doing a variety of things for the first time: crossing the road on the busy Indian streets, eating masala dosa, riding in Auto rickshaws. Here is what some team members thought of it:

Caitlin’s view:

 Our first day in India was highly different to what any of us were expecting! Our concern at having our project leader stuck in the UK was greatly eased by Isaac’s wisdom and we were quickly distracted by crazy colours and chaos of Indian streets (even early in the morning)! After a quick recharge at the YMCA hostel, we were took out into the streets of Chennai for the first time – this was a relatively terrifying experience to begin with but with Isaac’s help we quickly got used to it and safely made our way to our first Indian meal which everyone enjoyed much more than expected. Our second day in India was filled with chaos, colour and adventure and left the team feeling overwhelmed but very excited for what was to come.

Janeena’s view:

As we all touched down into Chennai airport I could sense the excitement and enthusiasm among us of the volunteers, despite our tiring journey . The first thing that hit us all as we arrived at the airport was the Indian heat and of the course the hectic crowds of local people. It was early hours of the morning and the roads and streets were full of local traders opening up their businesses. After arriving at the YMCA hostel and having a few hours to quickly recover, we ventured out to a local restaurant to tuck into our first south Indian style lunch- this was definitely mouth-watering! The following day, we were all reunited with our remaining team members who were slightly delayed. Both teams gathered together to discuss their plan of actions for the next few weeks on project, and we both cannot wait to get the ground running.



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