The last day

Where has 3 weeks gone?! I can’t believe it has come around already, what an experience it has been.

In the morning, the team split up into different groups. Rob, Emma and Chloe went to Kottivakkam School to donate a range of resources to support the children’s learning including English books which will help them with their English lessons. Afterwards, they went to various shops to by notebooks, stationary and medicines for the Boys who live in the destitute home. Whilst they were there, one of the jobs left for the team was to buy gifts for the boys for their gift bags, so we went shopping in Saravana Stores (craziest shop ever).

Then the final evening came (something we all were dreading!). All of us had dressed in our Indian wear ready to celebrate our last night with the boys all except Emma who had, had a request to wear a shirt and jeans. After a loooooongbus journey (which felt like a lifetime), we had arrived at Boys Town and made our way to the hall. We were greeted with a huge roar of happy children- it was amazing! Each and every one of them were so happy to see us, and we were just as happy to see them (just not as loud ;)).

Firstly, we sat the boys down and spoke to them about how lovely it had been getting to know them. We expressed how much we have grown to love every one of them and that we will remember so many happy memories we have shared together. We then gave out gifts, books and resources to them individually – it felt amazing to give them gifts.

After our little ceremony, the boys sat on the floor ready for dinner. Chennai Challenge always pay for the boys to have a tasty meal on the last day and we got to serve them! We then joined them and enjoyed our last meal around these amazing boys.

Once we had finished the huge portion of food for dinner, we were asked by the boys to perform a dance. Luckily, we had already got a performance ready to show and it was all systems go(once we got the speaker to work haha!). After that we had to say our goodbyes – it was hard but it felt good to end our trip on a high.

I felt lots of emotions on the last day as I was really looking forward to see my family and friends and tell them all about the amazing work we have done. ButI also felt sad to be leaving such a beautiful place and the inspiring adults and children we have grown close bonds with over the past 3 weeks. I feel that I have got a new perspective of life, that by helping others through our kind and loving actions in turn helps us achieve happiness. Even though some of the people only had little to live off, they were so happy to welcome our team like a family and shower us with small tokens of gratitude, which made me think about our culture back home…would I do the same? This trip has made my year and I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone.

Thanks for reading, Rachelx


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