Birthday Blog

So Thursday was my 21st birthday so it was amazing to be able to spend it in India. First, we had breakfast and team meeting as usual where the team gave me 3 beautiful ornament elephants and a card which was extremely generous of them!! We then went to the Oasis tailoring group that we have been working with over the past few weeks. We had previously done an empowerment session with these ladies so this session was to spend time with them, ask questions to find out more about their lives, their hopes and ambitions, what influence we have had with our sessions and how the tailoring course benefited them. This was a really nice session as we really got to know more about the women there and more about the culture in general. They were constantly so welcoming and they ended the session by buying us gifts such as hair bands and clips and they even brought me a birthday cake! It was sad to say bye because this was our last session but it was lovely to know how much they appreciated and enjoyed having us come to their tailoring sessions.

We then came back and had lunch together which was our first takeaway from Doveton café which was absolutely delicious and the team brought me a beautiful birthday cake and a melon with candles in for me as I can’t eat cake! It was so thoughtful as they had really put thought into making the day really, really special. So we were all very full before we headed off to boys town to do a session with the boys there. I was very excited for this as we have built up a really good connection with them due to spending so much time with them in Yelligri, so we were all really excited to see them. We had a really fun session doing a carousel of teambuilding and fun activities. One group played wink murder, one group did a teambuilding game where the team have to get from one side of the room to the other using a few sheets of newspaper, one group played a game called 7up and one group played duck, duck goose. We then split the boys into 2 groups, half did a paper folding craft activity and half played volleyball. So after a very fun, tiring session with the boys we said our good byes and headed out for tea.

So for tea we knew we were going out with the YMCA board members to a restaurant called Barbeque Nation. The members of the team who had been before said that each year they had wanted to go but they hadn’t ever got round to it. So we were all really excited to see what it was like as we’d heard it was a really nice place to eat. We arrived and were greeted by all of the YMCA board members who are all welcoming and so friendly. The food came and it was bbq skewers that were cooked on a bbq that was in the middle of the table! I found this so fascinating as I have never been anywhere like this before, the rapidly brought out prawns, chicken, lamb, fish, pineapple and potatoes so we all were eating like it was our only meal for the next year haha! It was so delicious and as soon as you had eaten a skewer they would bring more out… the service was incredible. So we were all stuffed when we over heard one of the board members ask if we’d finished with the starters!!! All the food we had eaten was a starter to which we were then told we were to go the giant buffet for our mains and puddings haha! So to sum it up, the food was incredible, we all ate way too much, Ewan was nearly sick from all the food and we all rolled out of the restaurant moaning that our tummies hurt :p

We then went to a late night showing at the cinema to watch Kabili which was a Tamil film with English subtitles. It was surprisingly really good, very cheesy, but a great action film about a group of gangsters fighting for rule over Chennai. So it was a fantastic day with the Oasis tailoring group, the boys at boy’s town, amazing food, lovely company and a great film to finish the day off with. It will definitely be a day that I will never forget and I am so grateful to have spent it with such wonderful people.


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