Wednesday 17th August

After our daily team talk and thought for the day, our team of 4 went off into the big wide world of busy roads with many, many autos, scooters and bicycles, driving with no rules or regulations as it seemed to a new comer!

We then met up with students who are learning English with the organisation Oasis, our visit started in the morning trying to find the place, where the driver was unsure! And I had no clue what it was like trying to get to the other side of the town with an Indian trying to understand our accent!

The challenge was successful, having found the place, a small room with a couple of computers; we met Eva who introduced us to the group of girls full of smiles and enthusiasm, but also with an air or wonder. The team started by introducing ourselves and asking questions to find out a little of their background. We encouraged them to ask us the questions; this was to help them build up their confidence in speaking English. Some braver than others, but it made me think of trying to learn another language, how you feel of trying to get things correct so you don’t feel a fool.

Our aim was to help them with the synonym using a game to match explanations with the 2 words having acted out visually to give them ideas of the meanings of certain words such as bug! So I looked like the fool with actions that had them smiling in wonder of what was going on! We also went through sentences to help them in the past and present tense.

During our afternoon session our team then went back to the same place to deliver the same session to a different group of people who turned out to be mixed gender and more cheeky! We swapped our tasks to have a different experience within our team. All came away happy and uplifted. So this time there was no need for me to do the strange actions.

Both groups were really good in spoken and understanding English. I found this very impressive, as this course only last for six months at a time with them progressing through levels.

After that we went to an afterschool club which had 56 children, in a small room with only fans, we were hot! Trying to introduce the crocodile song (if you know it) to a range of children between 5 – 15 was tricky, we then tried to play a form of musical statues, again a new concept for the children, so we tried another game,  using string, a jumping game called  land, shore sea, jumping when instructions were called out. Then onto the hokey cokey. The room was full of happy smiles.


This morning a different challenge to get to a different location, but we did it. Talking to ladies mainly housewives who have started a six months course in tailoring, firstly learning embroidery and going on to use a sewing machine. Did you know there 56 types of stitches to learn on this course all sitting on a floor in a small hot room, which I found amazing, young ladies ranging from 16 to 32.  Their husbands happy for them to do this and hoping that this will lead to a job later or setting up their own company to bring in money to the house. Again all the women who I met today were as happy to help and chat to us as all the other students yesterday.


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