Random acts of kindness…

Today has been busy…

At 7am Rob, Sarah, Chloe, Steven and Frances set off to go to Kanchipuram, a local temple town, to see the temple’s and be blessed by an elephant. The rest of us had breakfast at 8.30am and began our day as usual. Ran a few errands and prepared to go and paint the Oasis room that we primed yesterday. This took a few hours then we left Isaac and Emma finishing off the edges, whilst myself, Mary and Suzanne went back to YMCA to get ready for our last proper Boys Town session 😦

Everyone (apart from Isaac and Emma – who were busy finishing the painting for Oasis) headed to Kottivakum for the session. When we arrived quite a few of the boys were taking an exam so weren’t there.

So, we decided to just play, which was great! The boys loved it and so did we, bonding and just spending time. Once the missing boys returned we played Vollyball, Cross the river and the Polo game! Great fun.

We all traipsed to the vehicle, tired and excited all at the same time, and began our journey home, to Vepery.

On the way home we were eating leftover sweets from Boys Town and we decided to give them away.

This was quite exhilarating, hanging out the window, and door, handing out sweets to strangers, some adults, some children, some on motorbike’s and in auto’s. It really was a random act of kindness! Each person who received a sweet, also received a smile from us to them. They took that smile and that story with them for the rest of the day, told the story and spread the feeling from that tiny act of handing out a sweet. Safe to say, we all felt pretty good after that too, so the happiness is spread both ways, from one tiny weeny sweet!

Just think about it… just for a minute…So much to gain, for all concerned, from one small act, be it a smile, holding a door open, helping someone with something heavy, offering a tissue when a stranger sneezes or handing out a small sweet.

A fantastic day, for all concerned.

Thanks for reading



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