Right time, wrong place…

Having already written this post once, and having lost it whilst uploading the ice cream picture, here is a shorter version of what might have been, in this place itself, previously. We had breakfast together then Team meeting. The Thought For the Day this morning was from Suzanne and allowed us to ponder on poverty, and how it affects us and makes us feel. This was helpful to do at this stage in the trip. Then we met with the Oasis team in Kilpauk. We were introduced to Becky, Vijay and the rest of the team. They discussed with us all the exciting things they are doing at the moment and the fantastic projects going on. They also gave us coffee and cake!! We then rushed back to meet GS Edwin (General Secretary of YMCA(the boss)). We discussed what he thought they may need our support with and we introduced him to the new team! Then a quick turnaround for lunch and going to change for Boys Town. A fantastic session today devised by Myself, Suzanne and Mary. It went well and was led mainly(nervously) by myself. We worked well as a team and learnt from our mistakes as we went along. Good practice and lessons learnt for future sessions. We then went for dinner at Raj Bhavan. The newbies all had Pav Bajji and LOVED it! Most of us then picked an ice cream off the legendary and vast ice cream menu. I chose ‘sweet magic’. Peace out ZamZamIMAG1778


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