Team 2014

Team 2014

Day One of Chennai Challenge already has involved a number of challenges.  The first of which was travelling to the airport.  For a couple of the team a slightly irritating travelling up to the Midlands last night in order to get to Manchester airport for 6am only to arrive back in the city they live at 11am.  For the whole team it involved a very early start, in our house that was a 3.30am wake up, leaving the house at 4am to pick up Emma and Suzanne to start our journey to the airport.  Another challenge was the tetris style packing of the car which proved a tad small for taking Rob, Isaac, Emma and Suzanne and all their luggage/project stuff, boot stuffed to overflowing and bags on laps.  By 6.20am the team had all arrived at the airport and they were ready to go, checked in, boarding cards printed and then came the biggest challenge.  Well my biggest challenge anyway.  For those of you who know me will know, that I love India, especially Chennai.  I love my boys, I love YMCA, I love Oasis, I love my friends from Chennai, I love the communities we work in, I love the smell and the heat and the food and the clothes and the hussle and the bussle and…and…and…

Today my biggest challenge came in saying goodbye, safe travels to the team, in saying goodbye, safe travels to my husband.

I will miss being in India this year, but I am so excited that the team are going and I wait in expectation of hearing of all the things that they will be doing.  I am looking forward to hearing the stories and experiences.  The most amazing thing is that I still get to be a part of this years team and so do you, by following the blogs, sending supportive messages and by praying for them.  So lets join in on Team 2014.



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