Jet packing to stafford

Travelling home from a fantastic team building and planning session at the Indian YMCA in London, we’ve all had a brilliant time in the company of the rest of the team – there’s been lots of laughter and fun playing games, singing songs and practicing craft and activities as well as informative and thought provoking talks and conversations particularly about poverty – what it is, how we can make a difference and whether we can really make a difference at all. We decided that yes, we can!
We – Frances, Chloe, Steven and myself (Mary) – are currently on the rather slow train home to Stafford, and very jealous of Sarah on the fast train! But we’re passing time by blogging, I’ll now pass over to Frances….
I guess it’s my turn to actually write something now seeing as I am also on the train with a small number of the team, so HEY IT’S FRANCES. This weekend has been incredible and has only increased my excitement of heading over to India with Chennai Challenge.
One of the main highlights of this weekend was practising with the parachute in Regents Park for learning the different games to play with the boys at Boys Town. As well as gathering a fairly large audience, we went over games such as fruit salad and washing machine (which made the parachute rip slightly, but let’s not talk about that). Others would say that the Massive Monopoly challenge was a main highlight, but ONE DOES NOT RUSH. I do like running, but sprinting around central London on a ridiculously busy evening is not my thing. At all. Nevertheless, I do believe that it has helped us all work as a team which is something we will definitely be needing in India.
I just cannot wait to go to Chennai already. EIGHTEEN DAYS.
Over and out.
Hellooo from Chloe!! Eighteen days? Wow. It’s so easy to get caught up in the games and singing and fundraising… (especially as I sit on the train wearing the most fabulous, flaming bottle jet-pack) but I can’t believe we’re so close to actualllllyyyyyy being in INDIA! My highlight of the weekend has to be getting the first look at our schedule for the trip (although, by the sounds of it, ‘Indian time’ won’t leave it looking much like the same!)… seeing all the work we’re going to be able to do, all the time we’ll be able to spend with the boys, and all the amazing things we’ll get to experience has made me more excited than ever to be part of Chennai Challenge 😀 Spending time with the whole team and working together on some AWESOMELY FUN activities has also been great… a huge thank you to Rob, Isaac, Emma, Suzanne, Tamsin and even Mary, for making the weekend so brilliant. Roll on India!!
Howdieeee guys! Steven here!! Well where do I start? I think the best place might actually be the end, what better way to summarise the weekend than by saying how we feel following it; so here goes! Currently there are four smelly, extremely tired, excited Chennai Challenge members gracing the London Midland service with their stench and happiness… Why? Because we’ve just got back off a brilliant, energetic, intensive weekend of Chennai Challenge awesomeness!! The tiredness… probably a result of practising parachute activities under the watchful eye of the public and running round on the underground trying desperately to find as many of the streets featured in Monopoly as possible, (sadly to say that our team lost that little challenge). Excited… why? Because its 18 days till India of course! Its going to be brilliant, we get to spend so much time with the boys and the charity projects! And our stench might owe to all of the energy displayed in running across London and planning and singing and completing our amazing activities!! (Oh, and maybe the fact that sleep was prioritised over showers this morning) I can’t wait now, we’re reallt going to India! Until after our trip guys a very happy worn out Steven… Out, (because “over and out” is incorrect) Byeeeeeee!
Me (Mary) again! Wow. It’s sooo exciting that the next time we’ll see the rest of the team we will be at the airport, fully prepared to ready, steady, go to ACTUAL INDIA.
To finish off, here’s me and chloe grabbing a cheeky croissant for on the train home, wearing jet-packs that are – to quote the man in Starbucks – “as cool as you can get”…
jet packs

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