Strike a Pose

So we are getting close to heading back out to India and it’s always this point in the year that I worry about how much money I still have to raise.

So this year I had planned my big fundraising event to be a Fashion show.
A friend of mine recommended a company that she has had the pleasure of attending a couple of events with, SOS Charity Fashion Shows.  They are based in the East Midlands and beyond, they ask you to gather 6 or 7 ‘models’ from your group, all shapes, all sizes, and with plenty of personality, to add fun and flavour to the evening. The models can pick their own outfits from nine rails of clothes from MAJOR HIGH STREET STORES. Then the show begins and your models show of their outfits and give your audience a chance to purchase the items. As a fundraiser all I had to do was sell tickets and provide a raffle and some refreshments.

My history of holding these events hasn’t been great and I definately find that I go to a lot of effort for not a lot of gain. However this time I was fortunate enough to advertise in a variety of places asking my sisters and parents to advertise in their workplaces. My parents as vicars have a great workplace as there are many people to sell tickets to.
In my head I had 30-35 people coming but to my surprise we filled the hall with almost 50 people.


It was a great evening of fun and laughter. Once the models warmed up and relaxed (ish) into it there were some great bargains to be had. Another bonus was getting my sister into dresses which is virtually unheard of unless she is raising money.




Following this successful night I raised a great total of £420.95. So for not a great deal of effort I definately managed maximum yield. A big thanks go to the team from SOS Charity Fashion Shows and huge thanks to my models.

If you want to hold a similar event then visit


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