Why support Chennai Challenge by Rachel Winnington

It is not a Saturday (our usual blog day) but Rachel Winnington, who came with us to India in 2011 has written a little something for you!

There are many ways to support Chennai Challenge, such as praying, donating, fundraising and joining the team to visit India. At the First50 meeting in June, past team members were asked whether they were willing to continue supporting Chennai Challenge by taking up roles as either, ambassadors, project leaders or trustees.

I was keen to continue helping Chennai Challenge, so I offered to take up the role of an ambassador. This week I had a meeting with Cathy to discuss my role as an ambassador and how I would support the charity, this included things such as raising money, making more people aware of Chennai Challenge and finding people who would be interested in travelling to India in future teams.

Tsmiling devi kumarhis is a very exciting role; however I am fully aware of how difficult it can be to raise money for a small charity that few people have heard of and finding people willing to give up part of their summer to go all the way to India… So why do I do it?

There are many reasons why I want to support Chennai Challenge, such as the skills I have and will develop and learn while helping the charity. However, there is one reason that really encourages me to continue supporting Chennai Challenge. That is the image that stays with every team member that has ever travelled to Chennai. The image of the smile on the boy’s (from the Boy’s Town) faces as they see people who have travelled across the world just to spend time with them. Nothing can be more rewarding than this and that is why I want to support Chennai Challenge.

Would you like to create a smile on an Indian child’s face? Well you can, simply by donating to Chennai Challenge. Or why not see that smile in person by offering to come along to India with the team in future years? Contact Chennai Challenge if you are interested or have any questions.


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