A Time To Bake

There are a number of reasons I have decided to write about baking this weekend. Not least among them is the fact that I have recently baked my first ever cake. I am obviously talking about an independently baked cake – not a “here, stir this, then lick the spoon while Mum does the actual baking” cake. Guess what? It wasn’t half bad.

The cake was made for a bit of a bake off at one of my work places to say farewell to a member of the team I work on. He you see, is off to work in a proper job with Only Connect. I mentioned them a couple of weeks ago as we are hoping to work with some of their clients in the future. But enough of that – back to the cake. It was a very fine, moist, sticky and tasty Ginger Sandwich with a cream cheese icing filling. Here it is – with the icing oozing out of the centre:

cakeI know -it doesn’t look like the most beautiful cake in the world, but for a first effort I don’t think it’s bad at all! So, I always assumed I would be rubbish at baking – and have therefore taken the stance that I would never bake. Now, I want to bake more.

I have been looking over the last few months of blogs and thinking about our history. For some reason baking seems to come up again and again. Bake sales have been a regular way for our teams to raise their targets, when Suzanne blogged for us the other day it was Easter and she gave us a hot cross bun recipe. So my new found love of baking is being encouraged by Chennai Challenge, and I am asking you to help. I will post the ginger cake recipe I used (or rather the link to the website where I found it) and I would like you to comment with any recipe suggestions you might have.

The other option is for you to actually have a bake sale. Why not help us out by joining the ranks of our baking heroes and raise us a bit of cash to help with our work. At the moment we are focusing on raising funds towards employing a member of staff, and also are thinking about donating further funds to Fort school, and hopefully the small but very active YMCA Community Centre, Sathymanagar. Anything you can raise would be most appreciated. Let us know if you’re planning anything. Or just drop a recipe in below to help anyone who is doing a sale.

Well, here is the link to the cake I made. Plus a couple of interesting looking blogs on baking that I have been checking out. Looking forward to seeing all your comments and recipes below!





3 thoughts on “A Time To Bake

  1. p.s. I think next time I would add a little extra root ginger to the ginger cake. But I could always do with an extra kick!

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