A Trip Down Memory Lane

I feel a bit too young to be saying that but I must say that is what it feels like considering that it was a over a year ago that I first met everyone and that it’s been nearly 6 months since we went out to India.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a while but just haven’t had any time and wanted to wait until I had given my assembly to the Year 8s which made me trawl through the 2000 photos from the summer! The assembly also reminded me of how much fun we had and how easy it was to talk about the whole experience, yet I don’t think I did it any justice at allbut seemed to get all of them talking about it. It still didn’t feel real even after the 3rd or 4th time I looked through the photos, I can’t believe I went to India and did what we did!

It was on the way home from France today that made me realise I needed to do a blog as the little tiny things in the airport reminded me so much of India, I’ve just had it on the brain since the assembly, which seems odd, considering that it was last August that we went. Having breakfast as 9am, reminded me of Mary’s cutlery ears, walking through the airport reminded me of the weird train thing we had to get on to get to the plane and then there was one passage in the airport that smelled distinctly of curry!

I was speaking to family and family friends over Christmas about the whole experience and I still can’t work out how we managed to fit everything we did into 2 and a half weeks on top of things like Elephants, meals out and of course Kate’s birthday!

Going to India made me realise how lucky I really am, and has helped me when stuff hasn’t turned out the way I wanted to think back to India and should I really be complaining about loosing a lip gloss. I want to say a massive thank you because the people I went with, the people we met and the things we did will mean that India will stay as one of the highlights of my life forever. I wouldn’t change a single moment and even though I can remember most of it so clearly without pictures to do the whole thing again may make the experience seem slightly more real. Rather than it feeling like it was a dream version of me that went because I enjoyed myself so much, did so many amazing things and met so many awesome people!


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