Future Forecasting


A few weeks ago the Project Leaders of Chennai Challenge gathered at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel in London to talk over the future of the charity. In 2009 we created a “brand key” identifying who we are as a charity and helping us to have a recognisable character as well as clear objectives. Each of our individual situations have now changed and with the growth of Chennai Challenge we have to think about what we want to do moving forward. What can we achieve and what do we want to achieve.

It really got us thinking about the reasons we had for starting Chennai Challenge. I know that each of us fell in love with India and specifically with the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. For each of us (Rob, Cathy, Emma and myself) our passion for the people we met there and the belief that God wanted us to do something there led to a change in each of our lives. Our experiences in Chennai and the journey of the charity being born has shaped nearly a decade of each of our lives (5 years in Emma’s case). But at this meeting we found there was something else behind Chennai Challenge. Something about the people we take on project.

We have always believed that the development of the individuals on team is as strong a motive for doing what we do as the small impact we make on poverty relief. But it seems like this is becoming more important for us. I suppose it is unsurprising considering that 2 of us are teachers and 1 of us is a full time youth worker, but we are passionate about personal and social development, growing life skills and education through experience.

So here we are. At the beginning of 2013 and ready to say we’re making some big decisions and we want to do more. I can’t say too much, but we made a very interesting 5 year plan that we got really excited about.

But for now, the question on everybody’s lips: What is the #First50?


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